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Judith K. Lang Hilgartner completed her PhD as a Rachel Winer Manin Jewish Studies Fellow from the University of Virginia. She specializes in Latin American Jewish Studies, as well as Sephardic Studies worldwide. She is particularly interested in issues of exile and trauma in post-Holocaust poetry. Judith also specializes in early modern Iberian studies.

Judith loves teaching and mentoring students, bringing her research interest into the classroom and then right back out again. Finding real-world applications for theory and abstract concepts is important to Judith. She always connects her material to student's lives and creates opportunities for personal growth. Judith has enjoyed teaching at a variety of levels, including high school and college.

Judith has always been interested in studying under-represented populations. In 2009, She received the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship to study the educational resources available to impoverished children in Ecuador. In 2013, she recieved the Charles K. Woltz scholarship to research Jewish life in Lima, Perú. One of her latest projects is a documentary called Ladino Lives which highlights too often over-looked population of Sephardic Holocaust survivors. 

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