Made by Heitor Arakawa.

Made by Heitor Arakawa.



“Para ke oigan muestros muertos: A Female Messiah and the Salvation of Judeo-Spanish in Avner Perez’ Erotic Poetry” Caminos de leche y miel. Festschrift-Feier fur Michael Studemund-Halevy im Instituto Cervantes. (Tirocinio, 2018).

Review of Homeless Tongues by Monique Balbuena. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies through University Press. (Oxford Press 2018). 

"Hatuey: Memory of Fire" An opera by Frank London. Versified from Yiddish/English into Spanish. (March 2017, Ópera de la calle).

“The Poetic ‘Word’ as Home during Exile: The Ladino Poetry of Juan Gelman” forthcoming (Gunst Foundation 2017).

“Spiritual Canticle” and “The Tea Ceremony” originally written by José Kozer (Cave Moon Press 2016).

“La salvación del Otro: la representación de raza y religión en los autos sacramentales de Pedro Calderón de la Barca” (NC Docs 2012).


“Blue Tiger” (The Ascent) Link.

“My Response to: You look too Young to be a Professor” (The Ascent) Link.

“The Paris She Didn’t See” (P.S. I Love you) Link.

"My María: Part II" (Medium) Link

"My María" (Medium) Link

"Soundtrack of the Shoah" (Moment Magazine). Link

"This Week at the Times of Israel: September 11" (Times of Israel). Link

"Charlottesville and Israel: Worlds Collide." (Jerusalem Post). Link


"Jazz, Klezmer and son cubano? The performance of 'Hatuey: Memory of Fire'" (Elon E-net) Link

"A very 'Cuban week' for Prof. Judith K. Lang Hilgartner ‘10" (Elon E-net)  link

"Elon professor offers 'flashback' to senior seminar" (Elon E-net) link

"Ladino Lives at Elon" (Elon E-net)   link

"Ladino Bive" (Ladino version) written for LadinoKomunita also published on Elon's E-net. Link

"Charlottesville and Israel: Worlds Collide" Jerusalem Post. August 2017. Link