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Tayla and I had a chance to converse about her different projects and how they intersect with my own while I was in Israel in August 2017. 

Talya Solan: A Musician with a Cause

An incredible singer, performer, poet, musician, and an exceptional person in her own right, Tayla Solan has contributed to the beauty and diversity of the Israeli and European music scene for years. Participating in various ensembles including Yamma, Kedem, and Israeli Ethic Music Ensemble, Tayla performs in several languages including her native Hebrew and Ladino. Her music truly gives her audience a glimpse into the depths of her soul... 

In the last few years, Tayla has been working very hard with a new initiative to promote Israeli musicians abroad as part of her goal to increase the visibility of Israeli artist and show the native plurality and diversity of the land. Music Portal not only allows a wider audience to experience Israeli music-- it gives people a chance to get to know Israel for the beautiful, complicated, and multifaceted country that it is. 


Through Music Portal, Tayla is now helping other musicians have a greater voice in the world's arena. It is notable that she is not just concerned with promoting herself and her pursuits; Tayla knows firsthand how difficult it can be for freelance musicians, especially in Israel, where funding for the arts is often overlooked. This unfortunate oversight only highlights the importance of initiatives like Music Portal. Music may not provide a complete solution to life's conflicts, but it does have the power to transform the audience, bringing peace, joy, and a deeper connection to others. Tayla's music (as well as Music Portal) represents the future, and hopefully a happier more unified, more peaceful one.